According to user’s request SBRA provides service so-called special arrangements, which contain data from financial statements selected in accordance with specific criteria and methodology from the user’s request. Flexible creation of special arrangements enables users easily and quickly collection of reliable and up-to-date data for various purposes, such as selection and following up of business partners, market analysis, broad market research, preparing varied analysis and assessments, etc.

Special arrangements are prepared according to the terms for data selection i.e. specific criteria and level of processing as well as scope from the user’s request. Criteria for data selection can be core activity, territory affiliation, size, legal form, group of selected legal entities per list provided by the user, number of employees, specified amount of operating income, specified amount of net profit, etc.

Data that are available per specific user’s request are: 

  • individual and aggregate data from regular and consolidated annual financial statements for legal entities and entrepreneurs
  • aggregate data from financial statements for legal entities and entrepreneurs
  • solvency data and indicators for enterprises and cooperatives, institutions and entrepreneurs
  • scoring (for enterprises).


Special arrangements are available to all users – legal entities and individuals, in Serbian and English, under equal commercial conditions.

Special arrangements can be ordered electronically (via e-mail, in person or by post.

Request can be submitted in written - on prescribed form of BON - REQUEST 2 - Request for special arrangements services or in free form. The request must contain:

  • elements for user identification - name of legal entity / entrepreneur or name and surname of the individual, basic identification number, address, contact information
  • precisely defined methodology – type of requested data (for data from financial statement users should specify ADP code and name of required position) and precisely defined terms of data processing.

BON - REQUEST 2 - Request for special arrangements services

Additionally, user can submit required form or spread sheet for the presentation of the requested data according to his purposes.

After receiving properly filled request, the user will be sent a notification for the payment of the fee, with all necessary elements (recipient account number for the payment of the fee to the SBRA, payment code, fee amount). Data from financial statements per user’s request are delivered to the user when the payment has been recorded (based on a statement of daily payments), after acceptance of the advance invoice by the user (for users subject to the Law on Electronic Invoicing), in the manner defined by the request (in person, by post or by e-mail).

The fee amount is determined based on the number of data and levels of data processing.

Fees for data from financial statements per user’s request (special arrangements)