Serbian Business Registers Agency yearly publishes Financial Statements Annual Bulletin which contains official aggregate data оn the financial standing and business performance of legal entities and entrepreneurs in the Republic of Serbia.

The Financial Statements Annual Bulletin is a bilingual publication, in Serbian and English, which consists of three chapters:

  1. Chapter 1 – The Real Sector
  2. Chapter 2 – Financial Institutions
  3. Chapter 3 – Non-profit Institutions. 

The publication contains aggregate level data for each analyzed group and data disaggregated by lower levels of classification within these groups arranged in accordance with official standards and harmonized with european regulations. Aggregate data are disaggregated by type, size, legal form or structure of business, core activity and territorial affiliation of the legal entity or entrepreneur and they are given for the last two reporting years.

The first edition of the Financial Statements Annual Bulletin was published for 2014, in accordance with the new financial reporting system, which is in use per the Law on Accounting of 2013, and since then is available to the public on the SBRA website to provide insight into business activities of legal entities and entrepreneurs in the country as well as national economic trends.