Association/federation of associations with registered office in the Republic of Serbia 

An association is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization, grounded in the freedom of association of people or legal entities, established to achieve and further a common purpose or interest, provided that these are not prohibited by the Constitution or by law.

Secret and paramilitary associations are prohibited.

An association may become a member of domestic or international federations or other associations (hereinafter: federations).

A part of an association/federation of associations does not have the capacity of a legal entity.

The activity of an association/federation of associations is public and transparent.

The enforcement of transparency is regulated by the statute of an association/federation of associations.

The registration of an association/federation of associations with a seat in the Republic of Serbia is voluntary.

An association/federation of associations acquires the status of a legal entity from the date of registration with the Register.

The register of associations contains data on an association/federation of associations, specifically:

  • registration number;
  • оrganizational form (association or federation);
  • name of the association/federation;
  • abbreviated name of the association/federation;
  • seat and address of the association/federation;
  • area in which the association/federation pursues its objectives;
  • date of establishment of the association/federation;
  • commercial and other activities of the association/federation;
  • personal name, place of temporary/permanent residence and personal ID number or passport number and country of issue of the representative of the association/federation;
  • duration of the association/federation;
  • registration number and tax identification number (PIB) of the association/federation;
  • membership in a federation or other association in the country and abroad; 
  • date of adoption/amendments of the statute;
  • data on status changes;
  • data on liquidation of the association/federation;
  • data on bankruptcy of the association/federation;
  • annotation of the instigation of a procedure for banning the activity of the association/federation;
  • ban on the activity of the association/federation and termination of the association/federation;
  • number and date of the decision on registrationи in the Register;
  • number and date of the decision of change of registered data;
  • number and date of the decision on strike-off from the Register.