Internet page (website) of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA)

The website of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) is intended to provide general information to the general public on the Agency’s competencies, activities and services offered to its customers.

The Agency publishes and updates all regulations that form the legal framework on the basis of which the competencies and activities of the Agency are defined. On the basis of these regulations, instructions are published on individual procedures and supporting documents required to be submitted for the purpose of implementing the registration procedure.

Also, the prescribed forms on the basis of which the registration and recording procedures are initiated and the Agency’s services are ordered and used are regularly published and updated. In addition, the best models of acts are published, which can serve as templates for drafting supporting documents required to be submitted at the registration.

By publishing timely and reliable information, the Agency’s website facilitates its customers to easily understand the areas of the Agency’s operations, provided that customers strictly adhere to it. The website is not intended to provide free legal aid or to replace the Registrar’s decisions.

Apart from its informative character, the website also facilitates the Agency to fulfill its legal obligation, i.e. to ensure transparency and accessibility of registered data and documents contained in its registers. Through public data searches, customers are provided with free access to the registers’ data and documents. By making the registers publicly available, the Agency provides the conditions for third parties to become acquainted with the facts from the registers and rely upon accuracy thereof.

Given that it keeps registers and records as unique, central and electronic databases and documents that are prescribed by law as the subject of registration, the Agency has all the entitlements of producer of the databases, pursuant to the law and international standards.

The manner of using data and documents from the registers is determined by the regulations, while the criteria for searching the data are clearly determined by the Agency that owns the software on the basis of which registers and records are kept, i.e. the data and documents are published.

The Agency will prevent any attempt to misuse the website and data search, based on the legal authority and information technologies that are at its disposal.

Particular attention is paid to protecting the security, integrity and functionality of databases, which are also regulated by these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Agency's website.

Terms of Use

You agree that you shall use the SBRA’s website according to legal provisions.

The website must not be used for:

  • sending, publishing or using the content that is aggressive, offensive, defamatory, insolent, rude, threatening or illegal and violates copyright, confidentiality, privacy and other rights;
  • disseminating chain messages, spams, undesirable mail or harmful and malicious behavior that causes, or may cause, damage, harassment, inconvenience or fear when used.

You must not avoid nor attempt to circumvent security measures or modify the content on the website, unless explicitly permitted. The content on the website is published, regularly updated and removed without prior notice, so users themselves bear responsibility if downloaded or saved content is not up-to-date. This is especially important with respect to using and/or downloading registration applications and forms.

In order to download data from the SBRA’s website and in particular the search results, the use of web robots is not permitted. Therefore, in the event of any use thereof and other misuse, the Agency shall apply appropriate measures to protect its information system. These measures may include the automatic blocking of the user to access the website from a specific address, as well as other procedures that are at the Agency’s disposal.

You can view, copy or print pages from this website solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. Otherwise, you may not use, modify, reproduce, distribute or publish information from this website without the express permission of the Agency.

We reserve the right to exclude certain users from the services offered on the SBRA’s website, as well as to remove information about them, if they abuse the website (which, primarily, means hacking, fraud or spreading of computer viruses). We can also change services without prior notice, which may also include removal of the service at any time.

The official Internet page of the SBRA may contain links to other websites. Linked websites are not under the control of the SBRA, nor is SBRA responsible for the content thereof (including, without limitation, all links contained in the linked websites, or any changes and new versions of the linked websites). SBRA is not responsible for any form of transmission of the content received from any of the linked websites. SBRA provides these links to its customers just for convenience, so placing these links on the official website of the SBRA does not imply associating the SBRA with other websites.

The Agency shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or other damage resulting from the use of this website or other linked websites.

Security and data monitoring

The official website of the SBRA reserves the right to collect the following information about its users:

  • the name of the domain the website is accessed from;
  • the IP address the website is accessed from;
  • the date and time of accessing the website;
  • the address (also known as URL) the SBRA website’s access link was clicked/ accessed from.

With a view to secure the website, all traffic on the network is monitored in order to identify unauthorized attempts to place or change information, as well as any criminal attempts. Navigation information can be used to obtain data in investigations of law enforcement officials and on the basis of the requirements of a legal procedure.

Moreover, in order to protect the SBRA’s website and the information system that supports it against unauthorized use and to ensure the proper functioning thereof, the access of individuals to this website and the information system is monitored and recorded by authorized staff. Anyone who uses this website and the information system that supports it shall explicitly agree to this method of monitoring. If the monitoring shows any abuse or criminal acts, it can be used for the purpose of notifying the competent authorities. Unauthorized attempts to place or change the contents of the website, or otherwise cause damage to the website or the computer system, are strictly prohibited and punishable by law.